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Across everything from TV and film, to railways and long-distance communications, we expect fast, reliable connections. And our standards are soaring ever-higher.

That’s why Prysmian creates next-generation solutions, today. Our specialist Multimedia Solutions Department is dedicated to private communication networks, designed for greater bandwidths, longer-life and absolute reliability. We support wholesalers, resellers and OEMs with world-leading optical, coaxial and copper cables. Mobile communications are driving the future. Nevertheless, the vast majority of applications rely on stable, cabled frameworks. Our varied multimedia solutions bring reliability, flexibility and innovation to cabled infrastructures – the backbone of both our online and offline worlds.


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We support customer needs and requirements by investing in higher value-added products, and developing high-performance cables that are fully compliant with the most stringent European CPR requirements.

Regulamento dos Produtos de Construção

Regulamento dos Produtos de Construção O Regulamento dos Produtos de Construção (RPC) da UE abrange qualquer produto de cabo que se destina a ser usado em obras de construção (instalação fixa), incluindo edifícios e obras de engenharia civil. Está sujeito a requisitos de desempenho na reação e/ou resistência ao fogo. O RPC tornou-se obrigatório para cabos em 1º de julho de 2017.

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